Seniors Ballet “no jumps – more stretches”

Seniors Ballet can Transform You

Some of the most common issues experienced by middle-aged women, can be resolved through ballet.
Stress, failing posture, and general weakness, are all things that ballet can turn around.

Don’t be put off by the seemingly elitist image surrounding ballet.
Seniors Ballet is for everyone. It is a discipline that is easily achievable with the right instruction.

Ballet will give you rewards in the form of mental, and physical well being.

Can Senior Swans Stop You Ageing?

Improved Figure and Looks

Studies suggest that senior dancers maintain flexibility, and bone density well into their later years.
With regular seniors ballet, You can look forward to an improved figure and looks.
It could also ward off dementia. Indeed, the attraction to ballet for middle-aged women, is its calming effects.

Women who take regular classes, soon develop an enviable figure — and manage to keep it.
Take some time to read the testimonies on our “Why Ballet” page.

You will find stories of ladies from all walks of life and age groups, enjoying the benefits of adult ballet.

Ballet is for Everyone

Even with the physical limitations that ageing brings, ballet will make you feel more graceful and feminine.
Forty, fifty or sixty is no longer considered a particularly advanced age for a dancer.

Ballet is for everyone: all ages, all shapes, and all sizes.

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