dance academy

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Childrens Classes

Discover the joy of dance!

🎀 There is nothing like dancing to bring out expressiveness in a child.
🎀Many times, the shy child finds their “voice” through dance, expressing what they feel inside.
🎀 At Dance For Life Academy, our children’s classes start from Creative Dance for 3-year-olds to nurture that inner dance voice, to Ballet which establishes the best postural foundations, setting them up for a lifetime of dancing and then onto the fun styles of Jazz & Hip Hop. We cater for children up until the age of 12.
🎀 Our passionate and expert teachers will bring out the very best in your child. Class discipline fosters a safe environment for your child to develop body awareness and self-belief when making new exciting achievements along their dance journey.
🎀 DFLA KIDS is a recreational dance school, so external examinations are not part of the curriculum, for ballet, in house assessments occur from Grade 1 level to check that their technique development is on track.
🎀 We want to keep dance fun & stress-free for families, so there are just 2 events that occur beyond weekly classes, a mid-year stage show(May-June) and end of year studio show that enable the students to experience the exhilaration of performance.
🎀 Your child will learn to control their body, discipline their mind, show courtesy to others, and become artistically expressive. All qualities that will hugely benefit them throughout their entire life!
  • Leap and Learn – creative dance for 3-5 yr olds.
  • Tiny Tutus – start to learn ballet for 5-6 yr olds.
  • Dance Fusion – a fun blend of jazz, hip-hop, and creative dance for 5-12 yr olds.
  • Ballet –  Children from 7 years wanting to continue with ballet we offer syllabus classes.

Please email  Principal Kathleen Curwen-Walker at ballet@nzballet.co.nz to find out more or click here to view our timetable and register online.