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Grace Oberschneider (B.P.S.A)

Grace Oberschneider studied ballet and contemporary dance for 13 years. She completed her Bachelor of Performing and Screen Arts with a major in Contemporary Dance at Unitec in 2012. Grace has produced a range of award winning choreographic works and danced professionally for national choreographers. Some of her projects include; co choreography and performance of ‘The Juniper Passion Tour’, Italy, the development of ‘Orchids’ and performance of ‘Sisters of the Black Crow’ by renowned choreographer Sarah Foster-Sproull. Her work was presented at the Commonwealth Youth Dance Festival in Glasgow and she attended the Deltebre Dansa festival in Barcelona.

​Grace has taught dance for 13 years in New Zealand and London. During this time Grace has owned her own studio on Auckland’s North Shore, presented dance and drama workshops across London and facilitated youth engagement workshops for The New Zealand Dance Company and Unitec. With a passion for positive teaching practices, Grace builds an environment aiding the personal and technical growth of all students. Her broad spectrum of experience in diverse environments has provided her a valuable collection of dance teaching strategies.