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Ichiro Harada is a native of Nara, Japan. He graduated from Boston Conservatory with a
BFA in Dance in 1994. He has danced with Doris Humphrey Repertoire Dance
Company, Ballet Long Island, and Geurah Abraham Dance Ensemble in New York and
performed in Musical Drama ‘Texas’ 24 th season in Texas as well as performed with
Opera Australia. He established Ichiro Harada Dance Group in Sydney. As a
choreographer, his works have been performed in Japan, Australia, Russia, Korea, and
New York City, including for the Estee Lauder Defining Beauty Award, Youth America
Grand Prix final in New York City, Seoul International Ballet Composition final, and
Koriyama 50 th Anniversary Dance Gala. His choreography has been performed by
members of Boston Ballet, Orland Ballet, Berlin State Ballet.
He has taught in Japan, Australia, and New Zealand, including guest teacher for Matthew
Bourne’s Nutcracker Japan tour. He is currently a dance teacher at Saint Kentigern
College, as well as teaching at various dance studios in the Auckland area. In 2011, he
received a NZ Most Inspiring Teacher’s Award.