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Rosalie Hornung

Rosalie is originally from Melbourne, Australia. She holds a First class Honours Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Science, Master’s degree in Nursing, a post graduate Diploma in Prescribing, and a post Graduate Certificate in Education and Management (Diabetes). She is a NZ qualified Paediatric Nurse Practitioner. She has held a variety of roles within the areas of health education, research and management in Australia, the United Kingdom, Canada and here in New Zealand, working closely with children, young people and their families across all aspects of health and wellness.
Rosalie trained in competitive Calisthenics (team artistic dance sport performed on-stage that includes a unique combination of dancing, singing, gymnastics and technical skill) in Australia. She always had a passion for classical ballet and in 2016 was one of the very first adult students to join Dance for Life Academy in a ballet Initiation course taught by Kathleen Curwen-Walker LISTD. Over the last 6 years Rosalie has dedicated herself to training in the Cecchetti method of classical ballet at Dance for Life Academy. She has progressed through all of the Cecchetti grades through to Intermediate level and continues to dance and learn as a student at DFLA.
Rosalie is absolutely delighted to have been given the opportunity to be trained up to be a teacher of beginner adult students and childrens classes at DFLA. She is looking forward to creating a warm and welcoming supportive dance environment for students of all ages.