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Terms and Conditions


Bank transfer payments to be made prior to commencement.
Late payments will incur a $15 fee
All online debit and credit card payments attract a convenience fee of 2.9% per transaction. This convenience fee equates to the fee that we are charged for processing credit card transactions.
Cancellations and no-shows will NOT be refunded. You are subject to the fees payable regardless of attendance.
Should classes require to be cancelled due to government health regulations, classes will be delivered online for the duration.
If you cannot attend a class,ensure that you log the absence, so a make-up class credit is available to use at another class within 14 days or within the current term.
You are undertaking to participate at your own risk and should notify the instructor of any existing injuries or medical conditions.


Dance for Life Academy’s Marketing and Communications team routinely captures images and videos in studio and at events for promotional use on the Dance for Life Academy (DFLA) website, social media channels, and/or print materials.

In cases where individuals are clearly identifiable, consent will be obtained accordingly.

These images, photos and video, may be used in a range of ways to promote the work of DFLA. This might include use on the School website, the private video sharing platform, Movitanz, or as part of a school publication. The photos may also be sent to journalists for use in press articles. Some image uses are also necessary for administration and the safety of pupils, such as CCTV.

Occasionally DFLA may be involved in press photo shoots, filming, interviews or public events and event attendees may be asked to participate in these. Such activity will be for printed, broadcast media and the internet and often involves working with collaborators or partners approved by the academy. Activity of this nature always takes place under the strict control and supervision of our Marketing team and resultant material is used to promote the values of the academy.

Recording or photography by students or visitors to the school is strictly forbidden. DFLA reserves the right for the school or invited third parties to carry out general filming, photography and sound recording in or around the buildings.

DFLA live streams some classes via zoom  for the purpose of making them available to those who are unable to attend.This is managed by the class teacher and admin.

Teachers also record parts of classes to share with students via Movitanz as a training tool for student home review. These videos are private and non-shareable.

By booking a class,course or event at DFLA, the participant consents to be photographed or sound recorded and to the commercial use of such film or recording without any right to payment.Any participant who objects to being photographed or recorded must indicate this by contacting us by email in advance.

Notices will be posted at events and information made available for those who prefer not appear in any footage.

Use of CCTV

Consistent with our school’s obligations set out above, Dance for Life Academy may use CCTV cameras to:

*prevent and verify incidents involving criminal behaviour – of anyone on the premises


*other inappropriate behaviour – including of students, staff, visitors or members of the public.

*verify other incidents – involving students, staff and visitors (e.g. incidents in which a person has sustained injury, loss or damage on the premises)

*to provide the principal with visual coverage during emergencies

CCTV cameras are NOT:

* hidden or covert.

* located in private areas such as toilets or bathrooms.

A notice is located near each CCTV camera which alerts people to the presence of the camera and this CCTV Policy.

Access to CCTV footage

CCTV footage is only accessed for the purposes set out in this policy (see ‘Use of CCTV footage’) and only by the following people:

1. the principal or nominee, including people explicitly authorised by the principal

2. Governmental and/or police staff, when required to assist the school for an above purpose.

3. any other people permitted by law.

4.Showing footage to staff, students and/or their parents involved in incidents.

*The school cannot give copies of CCTV footage to staff, students, parents or any other parties, except as when compelled and required by law.