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After graduating from the Royal Ballet School Teachers Training Course London in 1995, Rose returned to NZ bringing along her passion, enthusiasm and knowledge of teaching ballet and accepted her first position at a prominent Auckland ballet school. Gaining more experience from this position, along with teaching at various workshops throughout NZ, Rose extended her experience by becoming a freelancer, teaching at many academies across Auckland.

In 1999, she had the opportunity to take over and run a dance school for herself which became Rose McRae Dance Academy. Rose’s passion for offering dance to the community grew and she established 5 different studio locations across Auckland. Not able to run them all by herself, she gathered an awesome team of teachers who worked with her to compliment the passion she was delivering to the RMDA cliental.

In 2010 Rose gave birth to a beautiful boy. A few years later, unfortunately her marriage ended thus resulting in Rose having to make a career change to be able to look after her son. At this stage she decided to re study. This study took her on the slightly different path of Personal Training, which Rose also developed a passion for.
Having completed her studies in Personal Training Rose accepted a position at Marina Fitness, where she continued to grow as a Personal Trainer and group fitness instructor. Rose was also able to keep some of her dance teaching passion alive by working as a contractor for other dance schools. 4 years on Rose is ready to take another leap, this time by taking both passions in hand and developing a company called Body Sculpt and Define. Rose is looking forward to bringing her experiences to DFLA and can’t wait to teach our adult students beautiful, inspiring and challenging open ballet classes!