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BarreFit The new Fitness Craze Sweeping the World

Meet Tharina Bouwer our Barre Fit expert

tharina-12222BarreFit is the new fitness craze that is sweeping the world.

In most cases, Barre Fit will give you better results than other intense methods of fitness training.

Sometimes a low-impact workout due to injury is a perfect alternative to the harsh, intense, routines otherwise available.


BarreFit is the ultimate low impact work out, combining simple dance techniques for you to use, with bodyweight and resistance exercises.

BarreFit will challenge you where you have not been challenged before.
You will experience enhanced muscle endurance, increased flexibility and toning after just a few classes.


Our team of experienced staff are inspiring, dedicated and passionate.
Most of all, the classes are with friendly and like-minded people. There is a real community spirit.

“If you have something to get up and go do in the morning, even if you’re struggling through it for an hour, it changes everything”


Want to learn more about Barre Fit?
Why not enroll for a casual class today.
We offer casual rates and 10 class passes.
Term enrollments are also available.

Talk to us today about your needs. We are more than happy to help.

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