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barre workout

BarreFit is Fitness. Period

Barre Workout

BarreFit Fitness

Many people think BarreFit is all about ballet or dance.
That is a misconception.

A BarreFit barre workout simply draws from ballet technique as a foundation, however it is not a ballet class.
It is a fitness class that will give your body all the natural benefits that dancers get from practicing their discipline.

Who has the best bodies?
Its dancers.
So it makes sense to incorporate their techniques into a fitness class.

You Don’t Need to be a Dancer

But you don’t have to be a dancer to do Barrefit.

You will get a great cardio workout equal to say a HIIT class.
There are lots of fast repetitive movements that will get your heart rate going.

It’s not about heavy weight but the types of movement that you will be doing that make all the difference.
Barrefit targets the traditional areas that sag on your body and tightens them up.

Lose Weight and Enjoy It with a Barre Workout

A BarreFit class is the perfect way to achieving a strong, sculpted, firm, and toned body.
We achieve this by is constantly varying your workouts, so that your mind and body do not get used to the routine.

Most of all, with Barrefit you will lose weight.
If you attend regular classes and eat well, the results will amaze you.

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